STEMinent provides quick and easy synthesis of instructional data to inform classroom instruction, policy, or fiscal decision-making.

Dr. Monica F. Cox, Professor and Chair of the Department of Engineering Education (EED) at The Ohio State University and an Adjunct Associate Professor in Purdue’s School of Engineering Education, founded STEMinent LLC to in 2013 to commercialize her technology.

Informed from her dissertation at Vanderbilt University, where she worked as a research assistant in the National Science Foundation's VaNTH  Engineering Research Center and from her experiences as a woman of color faculty teaching undergraduate engineering courses, this multidimensional tool serves as an alternative to traditional instructional methods, primarily student evaluations. Such evaluations have been found to be biased against underrepresented groups who may not prevalent in engineering classrooms.

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“STEMinent’s solution allows an observer to input data as soon as it’s observed. It is then analyzed directly within the system, and a profile of that instructor is produced,” Cox said. “The profiles can be accessed by administrators and instructors after the observation. It’s really a one-stop-shop of data collection, analysis, and interpretation.”

Cox said the platform is easy to use and provides minimal disruption in the classroom, resulting in more accurate instructor profiles.

“There are a lot of different tools out there for evaluation of faculty in universities,” she added. "The educational framework within the tool, which can accurately analyze data and produce instructor profiles, is really what makes this product unique and provides an advantage over the others.”

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